You can essentially put together an entire digital collection of acoustic environments, speaker cabinets, and microphones with IR technology.


7. Professional Quality Assured

When using professionally recorded impulse responses, quality is guaranteed. With speaker cabinet IRs, you’re getting the best sounding room, with the best sounding mic, with the best sounding cabinets.

Any guesswork requiring you to set up your own mic, etc. has been eliminated. Impulse responses allow you to apply pro-quality sound to your rig in an instant.

8. Impulse Responses Won’t Fill Up Your Studio

Specifically with speaker cabinet IRs, you can rest assured that the digital versions of real 4x12s won’t take up much space in your studio. Ok, you might want a hard drive, but those fit in your back pocket!

9. They Won’t Break the Bank

We mentioned before that IRs replicate expensive sound that isn’t accessible to many of us. Likewise, IRs themselves are relatively cheap in terms of what they’re recreating. When you factor in studio time, microphone, and speaker cabinet costs, impulse responses are astronomically less expensive.

10. Quick Recall for Future Sessions

With guitar cabinet IRs, you can mix and blend speakers, mics, and rooms as much as you’d like. Once you’ve settled on a combination you like best, you can quickly recall it again and again for any and all of your tracking needs.

Just as IRs remove any guesswork live, they also eliminate variables in the studio. Your tone will always be your tone, and it doesn’t require any physical set-up to be perfect.

When it’s all said and done, impulse responses offer convenience, versatility, practicality, and cost-effectiveness for the professional or bedroom producer. Try them yourself; you might be surprised to find out just how well they work.