Lancaster Audio Studio Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses

The only impulses that feel and sound like a real amp! We offer the most authentic sounding cab IRs on the market, perfectly capturing the essence of your favorite guitar cabinets.

Using the industry’s best mics and pres, each cabinet is captured in the most audibly ideal way possible. Multiple mix ready impulses are provided with each download, removing the stress of navigating hundreds of useless options associated with other impulse libraries.

Whether you are a producer, studio musician, or a novice, Lancaster Audio’s studio guitar impulses provide album quality sound with a single click allowing you to work faster and more efficiently. Our cab IRs are featured in the studio and onstage by some of the top producers and recording artists worldwide.

Click on a cabinet below and browse our extensive collection of impulse responses, including: Marshall, Budda, Mesa, Orange, EVH and many more! Purchase our bundle packs for added savings on our top cab models. See for yourself what sets our cab IRs apart from the rest.