Lancaster Audio Kemper Collection

The Lancaster Audio line of Kemper Profiles give users world class amp rigs at the push of a button.

This collection of Kemper profiles is the result of years of careful and critical development by our team. We did not force tones out of these amps that they are not suited for. Each amplifier has been captured in it’s most versatile state using state of the art studio gear and microphones, allowing users the best flexibility to create their own tone.

Each profile pack includes direct profiled amp heads as well as complimenting cabinet IR’s in merged profile format. Also included are mix/live ready presets produced by our team.The cabinets included with the profiles are made using the impulse response method Lancaster Audio is famous for.

Missing from many kemper collections, the Lancaster Audio line of profiles takes active steps to provide great clean tone profiles that are sure to diversify your rig collection.

The Kemper Profiles below are a great starting point, but we have a ton more in our Kemper Profile collection.