Sahaj Ticotin IR Pack


Sahaj Ticotin is the founder of the rock band Ra. In 2002 he signed with Republic Records and has sold over 400,000 cds since. In 2005 Sahaj expanded into the Producer/Mixer/Songwriter arena working with the WWE, ESPN, FOX SPORTS and network TV. He has produced/written/performed with Nikki Sixx, Jon 5, Sevendust, Starset, Crossfade, Roger Glover, JKash, Ammo, Dallas K, New Years Day, Stitched Up Heart, September Mourning, Jessie J, Otherwise, Downstait and many others. Located in Woodland Hills Ca. Sahaj produces and helps break artists at a furious pace often writing around 15 songs a month.

Sahaj has garnered a unique array of amps, mic pres and mics that are signature to his studio. At the center of it is his 1994 Mesa modded Dual Rectifier. According to Sahaj it has a smoothness not associated with Rectfiers but still packs a punch. Then comes the Fuchs Superdrive 50, an amp Sahaj says has the most musical clean and semi clean tone of any amp he’s ever owned. There’s also his Krank 1980 50 watt head that he says does magical things to the Mesa tone when stacked. He has an Acoustic 50 watt head that is primarily for guitar solos and a Vht Pittbull 100c that gives a little of that Uberschall type growl. He runs these through either a Mesa 4×12 with greenbacks or Marshall 1963 4×12 cab. The Daking Mic pres are crucial to giving a certain color and headroom while the 57/421 mic set delivers the familiar radio tones. Sahaj has used this set up on most of his recordings both for Ra and the bands he works with. You will be surprised how big your tone can get using these profiles to build your layers.