Trey Xavier IR Pack


Trey Xavier is the editor-in-chief of Gear Gods, the only website for musicians in the metal community, and guitarist/vocalist of prog metal band In Virtue. He’s played guitar for 22 years, is an alumni of Berklee College of Music and got his music degree at Sonoma State University.

Trey’s expertise with guitar tones comes as a result of demoing tons of amps on Gear Gods, and he’s learned to craft sounds for heavy music through trial and error and experimenting with a vast array of different pieces of gear that have come through over the years. In this pack, he captured a variety of cab sounds that cover metal of any kind, pop punk, hardcore, doom metal, stoner rock, punk, shred, or djent, as well as clean and crunch sounds.

Each cab comes with several mic configurations for maximum flexibility, so you can craft unique tones that suit your mixes without having to mic up cabs yourself.