Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive Plugin + Glenn IR Pack

$77.00 $47.00

The legendary ODR-1 Overdrive Pedal is finally available as a plugin! Along with the classic ODR-1 sound, we’ve added a ton of new features like: Adjustable voltage (from 5v to 18v) and switchable low cut, which gives you even more options than the physical pedal!

✔️ Comes with Glenn Fricker IR pack ($50 Value)
✔️ Flawless digital recreation of the legendary Nobels ODR-1
✔️ Retains a guitars dynamics while still giving an overdriven tone – Tolerance Modelling
✔️ Available on both PC & MAC
✔️ Selectable Voltage
✔️ Bass Cut
✔️ Mono or Stereo
✔️ Low CPU overhead
✔️ Classic tones from Gary Moore, Bryan Adams, and more
✔️ Preset Saving
✔️ No annoying dongle protection