Kristian Kohle IR Pack: Rainbows And Chainsaws


Kristian Kohle IR Pack: Rainbows and Chainsaws
Thirteen beautiful, modern metal guitar tones that will sit perfectly in a mix (Rainbows), and fifteen of the grindiest, sludgiest, dirtiest tones you can imagine (Chainsaws)!

  • 13 studio IRs perfect for modern metal
  • 15 filthy IRs to take you where you’ve never gone before
  • Huge tonal pallet: 14 different speakers in 4 cabs
  • From Modern Metal, through filthy Black Metal to warm and vintage Doom
  • Mic’d and mixed to fit a dense mix
  • Works with all software and hardware IR loaders

Our IRs are carefully phase aligned for perfect blending.Every pack is compatible with all software and hardware impulse response loaders – Quad Cortex, AXE FX, Kemper, Mooer, Line6, Boss, Strymon and many more…


Kristian Kohle
Kristian Kohle (Powerwolf, Aborted, Eskimo Callboy, Van Canto, Benighted) is a songwriter, producer, mixing engineer, and owner of the Kohlekeller Studios in Germany. Kohle has over twenty years of experience and numerous chart-topping albums, including three Gold- and a Platinum- records under his belt.

In addition to his career as a producer, Kristian also has a very successful YouTube channel where he has made it his mission to teach up-and-coming engineers how to achieve the best tones imaginable.